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Update by user May 02, 2018

Well! read this and judge by your self, if this tale does not contain absolutely ALL tell-tales in a fraud and a scam..

As you have read in my earlier Reviews I placed an order on a champagne-coloured car-accessory from I did pay the full amount of money (and then some to the bank) and expected to have my order shipped within the 1-3 days as the webpage promised. After 10 days I politely ask IF they had shipped my order, since I had not received any notification as per any shipping. Then they delay the shipment in uncertain words (Later this week)..

And another 8 day passes so now I ask them again, through the same e-mailadress, and I get the silent treatment as reply. Since this sound A LOT like a SCAM, I decided to make a review here on pissedconsumer and on mywoot. Its only when I again via email tell them that I had asked about the shipping and told office@*** that I have made this review, That is when I receive an answer, but they tell me they will return my money.. DOH!

If they actually where a legit business, would they not had apologised for any mishaps and promptly shipped my order! But NO! Not, their response it to simply return my money! So every response takes makes it more and more look like a SCAM and a FRAUD..

If you run a SCAM and someone notices your wrongdoings, the first thing you do to shut down the one who is informing others that this seems like a SCAM, is to return his/hers money! And hope that no one else notices anything so the money keeps rolling in! So honestly! If they were legit, they would have shipped my order, if not at first, then they would have sent the order at once when I had to inquire about my order the second time!

Don’t you think? Now they return my money INSTEAD OF SHIPPING a legit order! In my mind it does look like they do not had a stock at all. And THAT is the reason as to why they do not ship any order!

They even asked me to confirm that I have received their return payment (that I NEVER asked for, I wanted a delivery of the stuff I ordered) to that I replied: “Yes! I did receive your payment! But I would much rather have received the items that I had ordered! I thought that the point with ordering items, was that the one you order stuff from actually SHIPS the order..

Especially when the customer has to ASK whether the order is shipped or not! Now, for the second time I have to try to find someone who sells the same item i champagne-colour, and are able to deliver... Its to bad you are not able to deliver any order!” If they where NOT running a SCAM and a fraud they would have shipped the order instead! Don’t you think!

They have had more than enough time to ship my order (the stuff was in stock and still says to be in stock) so why did they not, unless is a SCAM!

Its only to bad i can not find the same item in any other store.. So the gift i planned for my wife is ruined!

Update by user Apr 27, 2018

WOW! These guys really seem to be serious crooks!

Yesterday I sent an email asking why they refuse to answer my questions, and i told them about my Reviews here and on, All I want is to receive the goods that i have ordered (The same item with that colour is hard to find), or at leased any information about WHY the have not been able to ship the order! And all of a sudden they reply with some rambling about some reply that is not in my email at all, and that they can cancel the order at any time... And YET THEY REFUSE TO INFORM ME, HAVE THEY SHIPPED THE PARCEL CONTAINING MY ORDERED ITEM OR NOT? It has gone a MONTH since they promised that they will send the parcel "the next working day" (If they been on holiday (=No working Days) the could easily have told me so) KEEPS STALLING THE SHIPMENT OF MY ORDER ALTHOUGH THEIR WEBPAGE STILL SAYS THEY HAVE IT IN STOCK!!!!

So why don’t they ever ship my order??? The only answer I can figure out is that they don’t even have a store, no stock no nothing.. IF THEIR WEBPAGE SAYS THE ITEM IS IN STOCK AND THEY WILL DELIVER WITHIN 1 to 3 DAYS, WHY HAVE THEY NOT BEEN ABLE TO SHIP MY ORDER DÙRING THIS 1MONTH LONG ORDEAL?? WHY?

AND WHY CAN THEY NOT INFORM ME IF IT IS SHIPPED OR NOT? Every business that are NOT a fake would have skipped the order in time, and been able to inform their customers as to when and how they shipped the order, Everyone, but! The behaviour from has all the classic tell-tale signs of a FRAUD and a SCAM! If was NOT a scam they would easily have reply to my questions with information as WHEN they shipped the order, and with what carrier… although it has gone nearly a MONTH they still have not told me IF the order is shipped or not!

(Why would they not ship the order, they received my money upfront and they still have the item in stock!

WHY! Unless actually is a real fake and a money-catching SCAM!)

Update by user Apr 25, 2018

So today I sent them Another e-mail asking IF they have sent the parcel yet! "Hi There again!

Have you sent my order? You told me at first that you would send it on the first workday of April, and today it is the 25 of april, and I have not yet received the ordered goods! If you have sent the order, please check with your carrier what has happend to the parcel. I have had parcels sent all the way from China that has been delivered faster!

-And please tell me if you have sent the parcel or not! Bestellnummer ProduktAnzahlPreis Opel Corsa D Autoradio Einbauset 2 DIN 1€44,99 Enthält €7,50 MwSt. (20%) " Since they did NOT answer ny last email wit similar question, I quess I will not get any answer this time either!

But I will update this page if they do answer och the parcel arrives! (Excuse my typing, me Bluetooth keybord does seem to loose a few letters along the typing!)

Update by user Apr 25, 2018 takes your Money but never send you any goods! That is why are a fraud!

Original review posted by user Apr 25, 2018
Well At 2018-03-21 I Place an order for "Opel Corsa D Autoradio Einbauset 2 DIN Champagne" for a total of: £51,99. I head of to my bank to make payment (and pay Another fee of £15, to transfer the payment.) And on the 2018-03-30 i receive a mail with comfirmation of my payment where these crooks promise to send my parcel the next workday: (translated from german to english) "Thank you for your order! Your transfer has been submitted to us, the order is currently in process and will be sent to the post office within the next working day. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us. Sincerely" NOTE! "will be sent to the post office within the next working day" Seems fine so I wait... and I wait.. and wait.. On the 10th of april I e-mail them and politly ask: "Hi There! I have only one small question! Did you send my order? I have not received it yet so forgive me for asking! Bestellnummer XXYY ProduktAnzahlPreis Opel Corsa D Autoradio Einbauset 2 DIN" And the same day i recieve an answer: "Dear Mister Xxxxxxxxx We shipp within this week! Regards Mit freundlichen Grüßen" Ehum! At first they claim to send it the next workday? And it has been at least 10 workdays since they should have sent it! This is the 1:t sign of something not beeing in order! But i wait... and wait.. So on the 18:th of april (18 days since they promised to send it the "next day") I e-mail them again: "Hi There! I have the same question again! Did you send my order last week as promised? I have not received it yet, nor have I received any parceltracing link, or any mail saying its sent, so forgive me for asking! Bestellnummer XXYY ProduktAnzahlPreis Opel Corsa D Autoradio Einbauset 2 DIN" And now things get scaring.. To this day (the 25 of april) I have not received any asver on my last email, not have I received any parcel with the items I orderd from As I see it the entire IS A TOTAL FAKE MADE TO STEAL YOUR MONEY! (That migt be wh they do NOT have any secure paymentmethods like Paypal etc. Please NOTE! That in it self is a WARNING that something is not right with the online-seller! SO WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT EVER PAY ANYTHING TO AUTORADIO-ADAPTER.EU OR TO: IT Media Limited Stift Viktring Str. 12 9073 Viktring Austria THAT SEEM TO OWN AUTORADIO-ADAPTER.EU I have lost £69.99 to these scammers! DO NOT LOOSE ANY MONEY TO THESE SCAMMERS!
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